VUCO is an art house run by Toronto artists Mila Vuko and Aya Nadar. With a multi-functional 500 sq. ft gallery, we dedicate our space to creation and collaboration. 

VUCO provides a customizable environment which aims to encourage diverse studio events, gallery exhibitions, workshops, and various creative endeavours.

Our aim is to instill young artists of all craft and country with confidence and opportunity. We intend to foster a welcoming and neighborly environment that pushes cultures and communities to come together. VUCO No. 1 is simply our launch, we look forward to growing with you all. 


Mila Vuko is a contemporary figurative artist and Founder of VUCO Artspace in Toronto, Canada. A flirtation between abstraction and figuration, Mila’s work evokes the presence of multiple beings. In an attempt to portray the human experience, Mila’s professional practice began with an introspection of the marriage between the self and the persona. What began as an exploration of the dualities of the self gradually spread into a larger sphere, looking at how this split-self functions exists in society. A distant intimacy emerges between confused connections, and unknowing where one begins and ends, there is a paradoxical push-pull between the desire to turn towards and pull away from others.

Mila’s work is sold globally and was recently selected by Narcity as one of “14 Artists To Follow If You Want To Be Inspired”. Mila had her first experience in curation when she worked for Norman Felix Gallery in 2013. She also organized “Artists for Boston”, a charitable art auction with all proceeds going towards the victims of the Boston bombings and, more recently, as the leading artist in the “Building Hope” charity for Balkan flood relief, she was responsible for contacting Toronto creatives and collecting donations. Since then, Mila has exhibited at several Toronto galleries and fairs, including a 2016 solo show at Black Cat Artspace and participation in both Art Toronto and The Artist Project. 


Savvy, personable and passionate, Aya Nadar's background, education and experiences have offered her the tools and abilities to be a creative and effective communicator. Her years studying Sculpture and Installations at OCAD U have paved the way to her passion for art exhibitions, events, curation and promotion.

 She recognized her love for planning events and art exhibitions when she noticed how enchanted and inspired she was walking through spaces that told stories with different mediums and materials. Aya began organizing and curating shows with her peers at OCAD; each exhibition telling a different story, and later realized the power and importance the smallest show can have on a community. 

She has worked alongside artists from and outside OCAD, non-profit organizations and looks forward to all future and present adventures. Aya is the Co- founder at VUCO Artspace, current creative director and curator. 


With traditional white walls and high ceilings, we offer a highly customizable space.

Art Exhibitions



Event Space

The Space:

500 sq ft

White walls

Natural Light

18 ft ceilings


Washroom Access

TTC Access and Street Parking Available


VUCO Artspace

1444 Dupont St. #31

Toronto, ON

For bookings, submissions, studio rentals, gallery appointments or general inquiries contact [email protected]

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